Dark Forest

zkSNARK space warfare

Merry Christmas!

Dark Forest v0.5 is live.

We’re sending out about 1000 invite keys to the waitlist. This surprise update features a number of major improvements, including an experimental PLUGIN system and special Dark Forest NFTs that can be found by exploring the universe. We’ve also been hard at work improving performance all around - cutting down on load times, dropped transactions, client lag, and more.

Like last round, we’ll have a 1024 DAI prize pool for the top 15 players. To determine prizewinners, a snapshot of the scoreboard will be taken at 11:59PM Eastern Time (USA) on January 8, 14 days from today. Note that you’ll still be able to play in the Dark Forest universe afterwards.

Scoring will be done almost exactly as in the previous two rounds (see this post for details) - the only difference is that silver will now be weighted at 30% rather than 10%.

Client and contract source code are available under MIT license on our Github. We’ll be collecting and sharing interesting community-built plugins throughout the playtest period as well.

Dark Forest is still early and unaudited. We expect to be moving quickly on new (breaking) features, and you should expect assets in these first Dark Forest universes to be unlikely to persist for very long as we build out the first full game. We’ll be keeping the community updated as we progress.

The seed of civilization has been planted. It will germinate and progress through the unpredictable world of Dark Forest. We invite you to log on in the future.