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Renderer Plugin Contest

Hello Dark Forest Players!

As we were building out Dark Forest v0.6 (and Lobbies), another project we had on our plates was a plugin-able renderer. Plugin-able renderers allow you to create customizable shaders that can modify how a game looks. This is similar to texture packs in Minecraft. To celebrate the release of this project we’re hosting a competition to help inspire players to create renderers for Dark Forest!

Learn more about the plugin-able renderer system.


The Competition will be split into 7 categories

  • Best planet design
  • Best asteroid field design
  • Best spacetime rip design
  • Best quasar design
  • Best foundry design
  • Best background design
  • Weirdest design

All designs, aside from the weirdest category, must be in the same general theme as Dark Forest. The weirdest design category is not limited to this rule - as long as it is a renderer, get as creative (read: weird) as you want.

The winner of each category will receive 75 $XDAI and the runner up for each category will get 25 $XDAI.

Anyone who submits or votes in the competition will receive a POAP for participation!

Additional Bounty

As a bonus, we will also have a bounty/reward for the first person to utilize the renderer to change the visuals of the game into an entirely new theme. For instance, you can change the theme to an ocean warfare theme instead of space warfare.

This bounty will be 300 $XDAI, will be run separately from the competition, and will last for a year.

Disclaimer: To be able to claim the bounty, you must gain the approval of the Dark Forest core team. This is in the case of people creating minimal-effort skins for the purpose of claiming the prize money.

Time Period

Competitions last from 4/4/2022-5/13/2022

Voting will start: on 5/15/2022

The winners will be announced on 5/31/2022

How to enter:

You can submit through this google form: https://forms.gle/CiR6nFfbgNq3q8et9

For each category you must submit one form.

Rules and Guidelines

  • No submissions should contain any content that can be considered NSFW (18+)
  • Do not upload or copy other people’s work from the internet
  • You can submit once per category
  • The winner will be decided by a weighted decision between the community and the Dark Forest core team
    • The Dark Forest core team will have the final say on the winner
  • No hateful comments toward any participant
  • No submissions after 11:59PM PST on 5/13/2022 will be accepted