Dark Forest

zkSNARK space warfare

One of Dark Forest’s co-founders, Alan, is stepping down from his role on the core dev team to focus on school. Alan is one of our oldest contributors and was involved in the project from v0.1 until v0.6 R2; he brought a wonderfully and whimsically creative spirit to many player-facing components of Dark Forest. He made key contributions, including:

  • Architecting Dark Forest’s current user interface, including the React modal window system and the WebGL renderer introduced in v0.5 with 3D graphics
  • Developing the game’s visual style and bringing Moe, our first artist, onto the project
  • Creating the GPT-3 artifact system with ludens, and writing the lore
  • Creating the Valhalla website and Valhalla NFT artwork
  • Bringing the Dark Forest universe to life with procedurally-generated planet descriptions, names, hats, and easter eggs
  • Co-creating Bote Fite, a spinoff ZK game presented at zkSummit

Alan will still be active in the Discord player community, and will continue to contribute to the Dark Forest ecosystem. See you in the Metaverse, Alan! 🚀

Alan can be found on Twitter here; you can check out Alan’s other games, projects, and demos on his website!