Dark Forest

zkSNARK space warfare

Thanks to everyone who participated in Dark Forest v0.3 last week. We’ve contacted all of the winners and awarded prizes to the top 16 players. Commemorative NFTs are also coming soon for players on the top half of the leaderboard. You can check out our Twitter recap of the round here. At peak, Dark Forest was consuming more gas than all Ethereum mainnet apps combined.

Dark Forest v0.4 is in the works. Expect some interesting new features. Release date is TBD. The resourceful may be able to find a few hints for planned features in the v0.3 reference client implementation that we released last week.

By popular request, we’ve also reopened the Dark Forest v0.3 universe for “free play mode”. We’ll be periodically making updates to and running experiments on the freeplay universe.

  • If you participated in the last round, you can continue exploring the universe and developing your planets by visiting zkga.me.
  • If you haven’t joined the game but have an invite key, you can use that invite key to join and to try the game out.

Finally, Alex Van de Sande and Samuele Agostinelli also wrote some excellent blog posts about Dark Forest here and here.

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The seed of civilization remains. It will germinate and again progress through the unpredictable world of Dark Forest. We invite you to log on in the future.