Dark Forest

zkSNARK space warfare

The Dark Forest team awarded eight Mythic-tier v0.5 artifacts to players and plugin developers.

Sit Back and Relax (best automation)

Winner: @BinderDouglas’s Repeat Attack. A plugin that allows you to set a recurring move; BinderDouglas also did some great work making a very comprehensive set of plugin utils available to other plugins via a CDN.

If I Destroy You (best offensive plugin)

Winner: @blurpesec’s Wage War. A plugin that allows you to wage an automated war against a player of your choice using a variety of heuristics.

Wage War

canvas.drawRect() (best cosmetic plugin)

Winner: @phil_osohpie’s Heatmap. A plugin that overlays a heatmap on top of various players’ territories.


Town of Clowns (silliest/most creative plugin)

Winner: Bulmenisaurus’s Theme Changer. A plugin that allows players to change the background, font, color scheme, and other style properties of the Dark Forest game.

Theme Changer

Community Choice

Winner: @BlaineBublitz’s Distribute Silver. A plugin that automatically distributes silver from your asteroid fields to nearby planets.

Special Exploit Award

Winner: @adietrich discovered re-entrancy bug in the DarkForestTokens smart contract and (after disclosure) cleverly exploited it to buff a planet to insane stats.

Re-entrancy Bug

We also awarded Mythic artifacts to @spencecoin and @jacobrosenthal, who did an enormous amount of work in helping to manage the growing Dark Forest community and plugins ecosystem. Congratulations to all!

All plugins can be found on the Community Plugins Showcase.