Dark Forest

zkSNARK space warfare

Note: The deadline for the Plugins Contest has been extended to Thursday 1/21

Here are the top 50 players from v0.5 (the top ~5% of all players). We will be reaching out to the top 15 shortly to award prizes. This scoreboard was computed with Jacob Rosenthal’s Dark Forest subgraph.

We’d also like to specially acknowledge a few people for this round:

  • A huge shoutout to iden3, Nethermind, and xdaichain, whose technology helps make this game possible.
  • @BlaineBublitz and @jacobrosenthal put together the community plugins showcase and devoted many hours to writing and sharing plugins, and helping community members learn about the plugins system.
  • @spencecoin and @BinderDouglas helped to moderate our growing Discord community by guiding newbies, putting together helpful guides, and sharing plugins.
  • Many players supported development by buying hats - we’d also like to give a special shoutout to the anonymous player who bought over 2000 xDAI worth! Proceeds help fund prize pools for the game.
  • We’re continually amazed by the creativity and generosity of our community plugin writers. We’re excited to see a future where crypto gaming experiences are designed and built by the community, and we’re delighted to see the amazing things which players will be showcasing for the Plugins Contest (deadline extended to Thursday 1/21).
  • A huge thank-you to the content creators who streamed, recorded videos, and wrote guides for the community!

So, without further ado…

  1. 0xb05d95422bf8d5024f9c340e8f7bd696d67ee3a9 (Score: 42.1M)
  2. @Ner0nzz (Score: 17.3M)
  3. 0xb41b6150849970c9c425d427e468228db629b4b1 (Score: 17.2M)
  4. @mark_ember_ryan (Score: 13.9M)
  5. 0xab23ee9be613c55d1ba3116a433948e1997ce746 (Score: 12.7M)
  6. @tradica (Score: 12.2M)
  7. @MJ659600 (Score: 11.1M)
  8. 0x22b64be91abb8572750536486873b1d04fa7d9fc (Score: 8.6M)
  9. @spencecoin (Score: 8.37M)
  10. @preston_vanloon (Score: 7.64M)
  11. @blurpesec (Score: 7.27M)
  12. @mister_agent_k (Score: 7.22M)
  13. @cogitor1 (Score: 7.09M)
  14. @Bryan_Weis (Score: 6.78M)
  15. @bitcoin4bernie (Score: 6.36M)
  16. 0x25142e1d1c9683d0b9cff2b6a6ac373d8080ea73 (Score: 6.31M)
  17. @adietrichs (Score: 6.12M)
  18. 0xef6a646fc4bd9e81bdb5d8e2ca764395c1bb7ff6 (Score: 5.95M)
  19. @oli_vdb (Score: 5.71M)
  20. @_franzihei (Score: 5.71M)
  21. @binderdouglas (Score: 5.58M)
  22. @somniumfunds (Score: 4.73M)
  23. @joshbfitzgerald (Score: 3.91M)
  24. @Harnzer (Score: 3.9M)
  25. @BoyanBarakov (Score: 3.68M)
  26. @Logic_Beach (Score: 3.44M)
  27. @plor (Score: 3.44M)
  28. @theozero (Score: 3.13M)
  29. 0xae9060aecf3083c1ddda681f7d2cd93abb267fb3 (Score: 2.98M)
  30. @HudPeter (Score: 2.91M)
  31. @EtherMark1 (Score: 2.88M)
  32. @fostenel (Score: 2.86M)
  33. @orfeoluz (Score: 2.73M)
  34. @BitcoinLouie (Score: 2.73M)
  35. @IsThisMoon (Score: 2.69M)
  36. @tunappaul (Score: 2.61M)
  37. @cemfdagdelen (Score: 2.49M)
  38. 0x84e37a9891a4bd49141a386ebcab3adaa3560ba2 (Score: 2.38M)
  39. @Q6trades (Score: 2.38M)
  40. 0x91f3645de0c53122f8387ef42af35e1c59b65a50 (Score: 2.29M)
  41. @Maarinais (Score: 2.22M)
  42. @TheCryptoGate (Score: 2.1M)
  43. @TheRealKartik (Score: 2.07M)
  44. @tackderek (Score: 1.99M)
  45. @TheDavidZhou (Score: 1.92M)
  46. @zee_zapata (Score: 1.89M)
  47. @OldManCrypto4 (Score: 1.83M)
  48. 0x71fadb18d4a3308dbd87eabc0aa002e1475f1589 (Score: 1.73M)
  49. 0x588c9960db67325345f4bf8e11f629680732a70b (Score: 1.64M)
  50. @MatthewjWolfe (Score: 1.6M)